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Episode Notes

 EPISODE FOUR – “Genesis”: I know you have many places to find music; thank you for supporting this show; I promise to make the hour worth your time.

First off let me apologize to any of you that saw the title of this Episode: “Genesis” and thought this was a bible study podcast; this is indeed not a bible study podcast. It is, however, an hour of songs from the English group Genesis and individual members of the band.

Also, I want you to know I’m not an expert on Genesis, nor can I pack all of the hits by these guys in an hour; I’ve picked only a handful for this show.

In case you’re curious: Genesis was formed in Surrey in 1967. Their 1970’s line-up included singer Peter Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett; but the line-up with the most amount of hits were just band members Tony Banks on keyboards, drummer Phil Collins, and bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford. I’ve included songs by the band and each member, except Steve Hackett. He was part of a successful rock group called GTR, with a hit When the Heart Rules the Mind, but I do not have the proper licenses to include it in this show. But, here’s a link to a YouTube video of the song for you to experience this pop song for the first time, or enjoy hearing it again after many years.

Do you have favorites by Genesis (or members) that are not in this show’s playlist? I’d be glad to craft another show with listeners’ choices!

Please use the comment form below to share your thoughts about Episode 4.  Did you discover a new song that is becoming one of your favorites?  Did a song in this episode suddenly take you back to a time or event in your life?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. No Reply at All – Genesis (1981)
  2. Home By The Sea – Genesis (1983)
  3. Bonus Song – Genesis (1975)
  4. Follow You, Follow Me – Genesis (1978)
  5. K2 – Tony Banks (1983)
  6. Silent Running – Mike & the Mechanics (1985)
  7. Living Years – Mike & the Mechanics (1988)
  8. Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel (1982)
  9. Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel (1977)
  10. Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel (1986)
  11. I Missed Again – Phil Collins (1981)
  12. Against All Odds – Phil Collins (1984)
  13. Sussudio – Phil Collins (1985)

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