What Are Your Three Songs?

In this format, listeners select three songs that are all-time favorites, what they are currently enjoying, and/or songs that have special meaning to them.

I’ll record a brief interview with the listener discussing why they made their choices, and then I’ll produce an episode from that interview and their songs.

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Be My Guest on My Three Songs on Aaron's Radio Show


Dear Listeners,

I’ve made the decision to not renew my licenses with ASCAP and BMI, which means I can no longer offer my shows with licensed music.  For now, only my podcasts (which do not include the actual songs) are available.

My focus right now is on the AMP Live Radio platform. I will be producing My Three Songs interviews in a live format soon!

Thanks for your ongoing support!
– Aaron

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Episode 14: My Three Songs with Ellen Gobler
Episode 13: My Three Songs with Karen Frasier Kolligs
Episode 12: My Three Songs with Amy Harwood
Episode 11: My Three Songs with Jen Lapin

What Are Your Three Songs?

In this format, listeners select three songs that are all-time favorites, what they are currently enjoying, and/or songs that have special meaning to them.   

I’ll record a brief interview with the listener discussing why they made their choices, and then I’ll produce an episode from that interview and their songs.

If you are interested in being part of these episodes, Please Sign-Up to Be A Guest.

Be My Guest on My Three Songs on Aaron's Radio Show
  • David TomanDavid Toman

    I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on Aaron's Radio Show. Music is such an important and meaningful part of my life that it was a real rush to share my song selections and offer some thoughts. Aaron provided a solid structure to get the flow going, and jumped in to ask poignant questions and make incisive observations at the right times. He is interested, involved, informed, and a great conversation partner who brings the best out of his guests. If music is a big part of your life, don't hesitate to sign up for Aaron's show. He'll make sure it's a great experience and an interesting show!

      Listen to Episode 65
  • Lynda KraarLynda Kraar

    Aaron Gobler did a superb job at coaxing stories out of me for "My Three Songs" - a brilliant concept. I first heard about the show from my dear friend Howard Feinberg who shared the link to his episode, and he suggested I might want to consider it. What I heard was extraordinary, and heck yeah, I was down for that! Whittling down one's musical life to three songs was an odyssey and a great exercise. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for music with Aaron and with you - his audience. If you're reading this, and you think you have something pithy to offer to the conversation, I recommend you reach out to Aaron. It was a magical experience!

      Listen to Episode 66
  • Howard FeinbergHoward Feinberg

    What a fun experience. Aaron gave me the gift of reflection upon a lifetime defined by music. Choosing three songs proved daunting. My "favorite" artists are not represented in my choices. Rather, the songs selected defined or reflected history and cultural developments that were swirling around the world and, in many cases, were influenced by the artists through their music. Of course, there is the one that I admit resonated deeply in my soul as I was navigating the transition from adolescent student to real life's challenges and opportunities yet to come. I encourage all who listen to these episodes to jump in. It will be enlightening for you as well as your family and friends. Thank you again, Aaron, for the opportunity to think out loud! You rock.

      Listen to Episode 61
  • Steve JohgartSteve Johgart

    I had so much fun doing this podcast, As a wannabe radio disc jockey, talking about music is a blast. It was such an interesting exercise to think about why I so liked my song selections. Aaron not only was a terrific interviewer, his insights into the songs in ways I hadn't thought of actually deepened my enjoyment of songs I already loved. If you're wondering if this would be a fun thing to do – it would be a fun thing to do. Go for it!

      Listen to Episode 59
  • Keith JefferdsKeith Jefferds

    It was a real joy to be on Aaron's show. He is all good things in an interviewer: insightful, informed, enthusiastic, naturally encouraging in his positivity, and a delightfully witty companion when the chat slips into banter. I reached far back through the years for my eclectic collection of songs to feature (back before even the time when Aaron was born!) – but he engaged my selection with the same lively interest as he would for a set list of, say, Madonna, John Legend, and Randy Travis! What fun it was!

      Listen to Episode 56
  • Kris and Joanne KaufmannKris and Joanne Kaufmann

    Aaron is such a gracious host! We had a wonderful time as guests on his show. You should try it, too and submit your three songs!

      Listen to Episode 55
  • Jacob HansonJacob Hanson

    I had a blast on Aaron's Radio Show discussing and listening to "My Three Songs" with the host Aaron Gobler. I was a bit nervous before we started and Aaron lightened the mood and made me feel comfortable to speak. Afterwards it was so fun to listen and share the episode with friends. Great experience!

      Listen to Episode 43
  • Christine LavinChristine Lavin

    This was so much fun to do – especially because Aaron does the interview over Zoom, with the camera off, so you don't have to wash or even comb your hair. We all have a list of meaningful, memorable songs that we love – the only hard part is narrowing it down to three. So think hard, fill out the form on this site, and get yourself on this show to let the world know about the songs that you can't live without.

      Listen to Episode 54
  • Mamie LaiMamie Lai

    Aaron has a friendly, open interview style, and a pleasant voice. His love of music is apparent, knowledge of music is extensive, and his kindness and generosity reflected in his voice. You can tell by his commentary that he does research on the three songs that guests choose before the actual interview. Sometimes we identify music that he has not heard of. I enjoyed chatting with Aaron about the meaning of music in my life. He only knows me from a zoom exercise class I was in with him and a few others last year, yet the interview sounded like he was interviewing a friend by his genuine interest in the reasons behind my chosen songs. As other guests attest to, it was hard to pick three songs and develop a short story about their meanings, but the experience was delightful. I also enjoy listening to Aaron's interviews of other guests, their duration aligns with my walks so I usually get to finish listening to the entire interview, listen to music, and reminisce.

      Listen to Episode 15
  • Matt WolffMatt Wolff

    I had such a great time on Aaron's Radio Show talking about My Three Songs. Aaron did a very good job of setting expectations and framework of how everything would go. You can tell how much Aaron loves music while speaking with him. It's fun to share music with others. I encourage all music fans to join the show.

      Listen to Episode 42
  • Ellen Gobler

    I really enjoyed talking with my brother about my three favorite songs. We have a lot of similar tastes so I was curious to hear his thoughts on my choices. I so appreciate Aaron’s broad knowledge of popular music from recent decades and his interviews support that breadth and depth. It’s fascinating to learn about his guests’ choices and the stories of their lives and where the music fits in those histories. Rock on…..

      Listen to Episode 14
  • Dorothy Brown

    It is such an interesting exercise to choose three songs — and only three songs — and then think about why they made the cut. Aaron is such a skillful interviewer. He put me at ease right away, and the conversation just flowed. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Aaron!

      Listen to Episode 29
  • Nadine Bean

    The whole process - from my three song choices to being interviewed by Aaron was deeply moving and meaningful to me. Music has always been a part of my life but this experience summarized the power of music for me. Aaron is a gifted interviewer. I love the show.

      Listen to Episode 27
  • Hani HaraHani Hara

    If you’re into music, I mean really into music, this radio show is for you. How cool to really explain what 3 songs means to you in detail.

      Listen to Episode 46
  • Jason Staal

    The process of being on Aaron’s Radio Show was delightful! Aaron asked thoughtful insightful questions in a warm inviting manner and has an extensive knowledge of music! I had a wonderful experience!

      Listen to Episode 25
  • Gary ZenkerGary Zenker

    Fun fun fun. Talking with Aaron about songs is incredibly fun, but music is really the conduit for conversations about life. Aaron is a great emcee for conversations. It’s a real talent and a pleasure.

      Listen to Episode 51
  • Susan Shertok

    I enjoyed doing my first podcast with Aaron, who put me at ease right away. It is always wonderful to discuss music and what it means to so many people. It is an international language and adds beauty to the world. The song selections and reasons for the choosing are very interesting. It was a great experience, and I recommend it.

      Listen to Episode 45
  • Mike CookMike Cook

    Aaron did a great job in advance of the interview to let me know what would happen on the show and the type of questions he would ask. The interview went smoothly and was fun to do, and Aaron helped create a relaxed, enjoyable mood for me to chat with him. He also gave me the opportunity to listen to the interview before he posted it so that I could offer my suggested edits (which he used btw). Overall, it was a lot of fun to share my reflections on my three songs. I really liked the resulting podcast.

      Listen to Episode 44
  • Mina Gobler

    What a wonderful push to look back and think about the role music has played in my life! Selecting just three songs requires your selections to be meaningful and have emotional connections! I'm so happy I participated, and I'm even happier to know that so many people actually listened to and enjoyed my interview.

      Listen to Episode 17

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